Model Canoe

About this object


From the 'Massim' region: Kiriwina (Trobriand) Islands.

Physical description

One outrigger canoe (part a) and paddle (part b). Canoe (part a) is deep and is painted black, blue, red, and white with decorated prow and stern. Outrigger framework has five main outward projecting posts with forty-three smaller ones bound by plant root or bark ? with a single connective bar along the canoe side, a single connective bar along the middle, and three connective bars along the outrigger side that has the shaped log float parallel to the hull of the canoe. Each of the five main outward projecting posts is connected to the shaped log float by four vertical posts. There are a few clumps of tied plant leaf-like material at both ends of the outrigger framework. Red-brown wood paddle (part b) with a slightly flat cylindrical handle. Paddle blade shape is long with slightly rounded tapering side edges tapering to a point. Flat base of the paddle blade is carved with a curved line on either side.