About this object

History of use

In the 14th century the kilns at Sawankhalok experienced a great expansion in pottery production, partially due to the influence of Chinese potters coming into the region. Boxes were just one type of their ceramic wares frequently exported throughout Southeast Asia.


This box was likely exported to the Philippines in the fourteenth or fifteenth century, where it remained until it was brought to Vancouver by the Tecsons, during the twentieth century.

Specific techniques

Decorations are done in iron underglaze.

Physical description

Round box with blue and black designs on grey-blue ground. Bottom (part a) has glazed interior and part of exterior; designs on outside are of vines encompassed by thick lines on top and bottom; another thin line right below the rim; raised lip to keep lid in place. Top (part b) is domed and has black pattern in a wide band around circumference; thin blue and black lines are on either side of the main pattern; top has a raised flower with a small handle in centre.