About this object

History of use

Basket making remains a living craft among all the northern Luzon peoples. Baskets are used for household storage and for transporting produce from the fields to the habitation sites. Occasionally baskets were made for ceremonial use. Decoration was created with simple interlaced braids and a combination of weaves which also served to provide strength. Ifugao basketry shapes are believed to have been inspired by Chinese jars and pots traded into Luzon before the 16th century.


Carriers play an important economic role in Ifugao life for it is the prime means of transporting produce.

Physical description

Carrier consists of two round, lightweight woven baskets attached to a wood yolk. The base of each basket is square with sides of the same flaring upward and outward to a circular rim. Each side of each basket is supported along the middle with an attached vertical wood peg.