About this object

History of use

Used by women to weave cloth for clothing.

Cultural context

weaving; textiles

Physical description

Backstrap loom with wood and bamboo bars, and rattan backstrap, (parts a-h) held together with knotted string. In order that the pieces occur. Part h is a plaited backstrap with a braided border and that narrows to wrapped handles on both sides. Part g is a flat hardwood sword with rounded ends that are slightly tapering, use-wear shows numerous slight indentations along both edges from the centre, and gives a serrated appearance. Part f is a cylindrical, dark brown hardwood stick. Part d is a hollow, brown bamboo warp beam. Part a is a cylindrical, dark brown hardwood stick with a narrower 2 cm. wide section before each knobbed end. Part b is a wide notched ended hardwood stick with one concave and one flat surface. Part e is like f but of a lighter brown. Part c is like b. String, one side black, other faded to purple-brown tied together, knotted at each element.