bango (Carrier)

About this object

History of use

Used in transporting wild pig meat from hunting site to habitation site. The bango is also present at ceremonies dealing with curing, war, and violent death. Decoration was created with simple interlaced braids and a combination of weaves which also served to provide strength.
Basket making remains a living craft among all the northern Luzon peoples. Baskets are used for household storage and for transporting produce from the fields to the habitation sites, and occasionally for ceremonial use. Ifugao basketry shapes are believed to have been inspired by Chinese jars and pots traded into Luzon before the 16th century.

Cultural context

religious; hunting

Physical description

Roughly rectangular, backpack-like woven bag with two braided shoulder straps; one main compartment, accessible via an opening at the top. One side of bag is entirely covered in thick layers of dark brown, bristle-like hair arranged in a chevron pattern