Nicoll Yahgulanaas, Michael (1954 - )




Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas was born into the Yahgu Laanas Raven clan in 1954, and raised in Delkatla, Haida Gwaii. Michael was named Yahladaas (White Raven) at a feast given by Emma Matthews, Saanlanaa Yahjaanaas. He was first named Waatchesdaa (Fortunate Twin) by Emily White, 7waahl gidaag Yahjaanaas, at a feast given by Florence Davidson, Jaadrahl Yahjanaas. Michael was also named Simjuuaa by Nellie Yeomans, Srajuugaahl laanaas. He was born a Nicoll with a Red Hawk crest from Uladoon on the north west coast of Scotland; a Yahgulanaas Raven from inside Gowgaaia in the south and the Shark house from Daadans on the mid west coast; and a Twin-finned Orca from the northern coasts of Haida Gwaii at Klinkwan, Alaska. He is a descendent of Charles Edenshaw, Daa xiigang 7idansuu Saanggaahl laanaas sdastaas, and Alfred Adams, Kyaanuusilee, and grandson of Massett 7laanaas au (Town mother/village chief) Oliver Adams, Gaala of Gitaans. Cousin to Jim Hart on the Raven side of the family. His decades of experience in negotiating the spaces between Indigenous and colonial institutions informs works he has shown in Japan, Korea, England, and, most recently, as part of the Vancouver Art Gallery's exhibition, Raven Travelling. Among his published works are several Haida manga books, including A Tale of Two Shamans (2001), The Last Voyage of the Black Ship (2001), and A Lousy Tale (2004). To date, his illustrated book, Hachidori (2005), now in its third printing, has sold 100,000 copies in Japan. See