Savey, Frank (c. 1889 - 1964)


Mowachaht - Ehattesaht


Frank Savey, whose native name was Ta-is-sum, was Mowachaht but married into Ehattesaht and lived at Nuchatlitz. His original name was Frank Xavier, but his name was changed at residential school to Savey. Frank was one of the first students at the Kakawis Indian Residential School on Meares Island, which opened in 1900 and closed 1983. The family lived on the Beano Creek reserve (Nootka Island), where they hunted whales in the old days. Savey was interviewed in 1961, in Nuchatlitz, where he said he was a "hereditory first harpooner." BC vital statistics show him dying at the age of 75 in 1964, in Esperanza (Nuchatlitz). There is a drawing of him done by W. Langdon Kihn in 1922 and reproduced in the book, Out of the Mist (1999), on page 147.